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The 20 habits that hold Entrepreneurs back from the top!

  1. Greed
  2. Adding to much value…….Find out more.


Effective family business management.

What is your integrity in the eyes of your family and society?


Want to grow your business?

In this presentation by Mustapha, he explains the sales process.Learn the powerful sales process. And grab the PLANT model for business growth and sustainability.

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Mustapha’s Personal Finance Analysis of different Business ideas

Mustapha has taken time to identify and assess several business opportunities. Pick your choice. Is land better than stocks or a nursery school or treasury bills? What do you need to invest in any? Get this MS Excel sheet and start investing in a business that works for you.


Why financial resilience training?  

We all have motives. We need to live better lives. Drive a good car and have lovely holidays. And we have reasons to do it. So, if the control cannot work or we could collude with a colleague and pull it off, we will commit fraud!


Are you too big to fail? 

Target customers? Products /services? Channels? Geography:?

the six pillars

NGO Sustainability The Six Pillars

82% Of NGOs lack clear revenue diversification strategy. And within 10 years 50% of NGOs will be gone.


Fraud and Corruption

What are the top Fraud schemes the money is lost?

East Africa information security

IT Governance: Towards effective enterprise wide security 

How do you improve customer & employee satisfaction?

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