Make the best of your child’s long holiday

Make the best of your child’s long holiday

Parenting in this era of the mobile devices proliferation is a big challenge indeed. As a cyber-security expert, I have encountered helpless parents whose children are victims of cybercrime. You don’t want to be in such a situation.

There is no such bad feeling to a parent when their child is under intense suffering and pressure, but they don’t have anything to do to ease the pain. In four part holiday series, I will share ideas on how you can keep your child busy in this long holiday. First some context.

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Cybersecurity basics for law firms

Cybersecurity basics for law firms

The legal profession is built on the foundation of security (confidentiality, integrity and availability) of client secrets. You are right to say all professionals have a responsibility to keep their client’s secrets secret.

How can a lawyer in Uganda with a team of paralegals and other likeminded staff each with a laptop / computer interconnected on the same network keep customers’ secrets on their computers secret?

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical client of a law firm.

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Social network era: how safe is your information assets

Below is part 1 of the presentation I made at Infosec2014 seminar on 20th August 2014 at Hotel Africana Kampala, about the risks posed by social media. This is a must read to improve your security online. 

The answer is: “your data is not safe” as I will demonstrate in the following five part series. Below is part 1.

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