Are you a good friend?

Would you keep a relationship where you kept giving and giving but never received anything in return? For me, it is a no.

Successful relationships are based on one simple principle of ‘give and take’ the Latin quid pro quo idea developed years ago. It is all about ‘something for something.’ If you carefully examine the nature of your relationship with any of your friends, you will find that you benefit from them and they also benefit from you in some way. If you are unable to identify how your friends benefit from you, there may be something not right. Get worried. It is likely that they benefit much more from you. In the business context, you give your customers something that is useful to them – a great product with exceptional customer care service in return for their recommendations, references and commitment to giving you business.

That is the true relationship.

To get that kind of response, successful entrepreneurs or executives know that is does not come that cheap.  Successful people understand that follow-up is the most important ingredient in any relationship. You don’t just let go on the first meeting. You make an effort to know what your ‘friend’ wants and provide it to him or her. To cement the relationship, you show your gratitude for their friendship. This works because people like to be acknowledged.

Now to you, the reader: how many times do you follow up on a prospect before giving up? identify the interest of your friends or prospects, and continue giving them resources that meet their interests. You will be a great friend. By human nature, they will become indebted and want to help you.

Until next time. I remain Your Success Partner, Mustapha Barnabas Mugisa.



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