The only way to overcome fraud challenges

When I was in prison, visiting, an inmate came right after my presentation and said “Mustapha I really appreciate your talk on in-mate reformation.

But how do you advise someone like me serving a jail term for a crime I never committed?” This was my first face to face with a victim of fraud, 10 years ago. Then an Accounts Officer at a local NGO, the victim was serving a jail term for misappropriation of petty cash.

He was a young accountant in his first job. He explained to me that he had been requested by his supervisor, the Finance Manager, to raise petty cash voucher, sign them and release cash from the float.





The only way to overcome fraud challenges is awareness and integrity. May you think more about your conscience and not self-aggrandizement? There is no price for peace of mind.

CPA Mustapha B Mugisa works at Summit Consulting Ltd as a strategy and risk expert, which include fraud and forensic investigations and cybersecurity services. Visit or email

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