Enterprise security solutions

As a top executive, how do you stay in charge of the bank’s most critical assets – your core banking infrastructure? How sure are you that no fraud is taking place and if it does you have systems to alert you in real time? As forensic experts and fraud examiners, we know investigating fraud is costly and disruptive.  This is to interest you in Summit Consulting Ltd’s comprehensive Security-as-a-Service cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous perimeter monitoring solutions. We harvest cyber threat data from multiple sources and deliver actionable intelligence so you can take preventive measures against different attacks on your networks and databases.

Technology is changing and evolving quickly, so does the security posture of banking systems that are increasingly being inter-linked for competitiveness. Keeping systems secure is a difficult task yet mission critical. Summit Consulting makes this task easier with this tailor made on premise platforms enabling you to detect and stop potential cyber threats – internal or external – early.

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