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Good governance for effective fraud prevention

When I was in prison, visiting, an in mate came right after my presentation and said: “Mustapha I really appreciate your talk on in-mate reformation. But how do you advise a prisoner like me serving a jail term for a crime I never committed?”  The person in question was called James — a brilliant young man that had mishandled petty cash at the place of work to pay medical bills for his child. To him, he had not committed any crime. He was justifying his actions.

This gives key pointers that in Uganda, majority of the people steal in order to survive. In other countries, many steal out of greed and others to prove that systems (internal controls) do not work. Unfortunately, those who steal out of greed are rarely brought to account.

In this presetation, Mustapha explores why it is better to prevent fraud than investigate it, and the effective fraud prevention strategies: Specifically:

  1. Empower your staff with on-going personal financial resilience, retirement planning and personal strategies to live a happy life
  2. Implement effective company strategy, structure and systems
  3. Implement effective whistleblowing system
  4. Ensure effective communication accross the board
  5. And what makes a great leader.

As a complementary, find clear communication channels extracted from Mustapha’s upcoming book: “What makes an effective Board Member.”

If you need an audio download in mp3 format of the presentation made to Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau on 16th April 2015, please email You will learn a lot on public speaking skills and effective fraud governance.

/Mustapha B Mugisa, CFE.

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