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How to silence the lousy HR manager!

I submitted a proposal to the CEO for implementing a new strategic approach. Of course, most people are afraid of the change. Unfortunately, the proposal was delegated to the HR manager to liaise with me. And below is our exchange.

HR manager: where else have you implemented the Playing To Win strategy?

Me: “Do you mean you are a copycat? Strategy is unique for each company. You cannot get their strategy and use it in your business. However, if you insist, I will request the CEO (my client) to get in touch with you. I signed a confidentiality agreement and the nature of my work means I don’t have to go telling everyone that I did their strategy. That is cheap selling. The value I bring to you is all that matters. I improve your business condition.”

HR manager: [Annoyed and I could see it]. Ok, in that case, our company is big plus we already use the Balanced Score Card approach. Your model is not tested.

Me: Great. Probably that is why you have stopped coming to work. Your company is big! Please note that BSC is a performance measurement tool in four key areas of the business – FLIC – financial, learning & growth, innovations/ internal business processes and customer focus — it may not help you come up with a winning strategy. However, once you have one, you are likely to evaluate its progress based on the BSC dimensions. So, the Playing To Win strategic approach complements, but does not compete with BSC.


Welcome back.

Lack of knowledge is a dagerous thing. I don’t know why folks are afraid of change. As Spenser Johnson put it in his best seller “Who moved my cheeze”, only change will help you find new and tasty cheeze!.

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