If something is yours and you deserve it. Get it

Do not beg for something that rightfully belongs to you. If you have agreed with someone to undertake an assignment in return for payment, ask for your pay upon successful completion of your part of the bargain. Relentlessly claim what rightfully belongs to you without fear.

Do not feel ashamed to demand what you deserve. Go get it. That is called self-esteem.

A case in point

A parent asked me to help train his two son aged 22 and 25 in being confident especially when dealing with others and in public speaking. When they visited my office, I had set two different seating arrangements. One table, there was a note: do not seat. On the other, there was no note. When they came, I asked them to feel free and seat anywhere. None sat on the table with a note. I asked them why? “There is a ‘do not seat’ note”, they replied.

I told them that if they was to be confident, they should read. Read the constitution of the country. Read the laws and know you rights and obligations. Read the school rules. Read the contracts. Practice so that you are well prepared. Do not go to make a presentation unless you know the expectations of the audience and you have prepared.

Once you do that simple homework you become empowered.

Then you don’t have to beg for what you deserve. You ask for it until you get it. And you don’t have to apologize for doing so. That is what #WinningMindset is all about. 

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