The leadership reforms: choices

As a leader, you are going to have huge challenges if you don’t make the right choices. Which kind of markets do you go into? Which kind of people do you employ? Are you going to focus on brick and mortar as a financial institution or leverage from technology, which kind of technology to deploy? What choices are you making in your business as a chief executive to move ahead?

Leadership is about choices, either you choose A or B. when you choose A, it means you deliberately ignore B. The biggest challenge with mediocre leadership is trying to be everything to everybody. You can’t move ahead successfully. I am inviting you today to ask yourself “what choices are you making today to move ahead?”

Your task today is to get your top management, put them on the table and ask: “what the top three disruptions in the business and what choices are we going to make in the medium and long time to be the market leader in these areas?”

Let me know of the answers.

Figure 6: Leadership choices

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