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Rubaga Hospital sued over fatal abortion

Rubaga Hospital is in the spotlight after it was sued for alleged negligence of a former employee of Kampala Capital City Authority’s daughter, who died while she allegedly procured an abortion from the facility.

Ms Betty Nambuya, whose daughter, Linda Nambuya, died at the hospital, is seeking Ugx. 70 million in compensation over alleged negligence. She sued the hospital before the High Court on July 18.

Ms Nambuya accuses the hospital of having carried out an abortion on her 21-year-old daughter, on the night of February 1, 2012. She contends that Nambuya was neglected leading to her death. She claims that hospital nurses; Ms Rose Irene Nalubwama and Ms Nansikombi, who are joint respondents in the case, never administered resuscitation fluid to the patient from the time of admission as there was no record of treatment that was availed to her upon request.

The hospital however claims the deceased was brought to the health facility by two men in a critical condition after she had procured the abortion from somewhere else (read our fraud series in health sector here). The hospital has asked court not award the mother of the deceased any relief sought on grounds that the claims are largely “speculative” and ought to be dismissed with costs.
The deceased was brought to the hospital in the company of two men who claimed to be her brothers. On admission, it was found out that the deceased had procured an unsafe abortion and was in critical condition, the hospital contends in its defense.

Court records show that the cause of her death was hyporolaemic due to excessive bleeding as a result of the abortion which was indicated in the medical report.

Source: Uganda dailies.

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