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In the past couple of months, I have been travelling a lot and I think some of the critical skills you need in your life is exposure. When you travel, your world changes. You can see what good looks like. Many people are out there feeling they are doing very well, just because they do not know what great actually looks like. If you have money, how do you enjoy it? Please travel, explore and learn.

I was in Kigali recently with my friend Alex. After attending the Smart Cities Conference, we decided to move around to explore the city. I met a delegate from Ghana. I told him I am Mustapha Barnabas, coming from Uganda. He asked, “What do you do?” how many people have asked you to introduce yourself before them. Others call it the 30 second commercial or the lift commercial.

How do you explain the services you offer briefly? This brings me to the message of this session which is your sales skills. In your life as entrepreneur, or a great leader, you must be great at sales skills. If you don’t create strong and powerful sales messages, you remain in lower management.

Recently we advertised for a job of a manager for Summit Literacy Foundation. Came a lady and sat at the seat in front of the panel. We were four of us. The first thing which came out of her mouth was ‘thank you very much. I am called Jane (not real name). However, my biggest challenge is that I can’t sale. I don’t want any role related to sales.


If you have money, how do you enjoy it? Please travel, explore and learn.

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