Study the wall first. Don’t just drill through

2019 is here. We are all pumped up to conquer the year swiftly.

This morning, I received the following message on my FB newsfeeds.:

“Obstacles won’t stop me. If I run into walls in 2019, I won’t turn around and give up.

I will drill my way through! 2019, don’t you dare me… Happy new year to you all…”

The first statement “Obstacles won’t stop me”, is a great one.

Our minds are wired to give up at any slight challenge. Only the people that ‘train’ their minds to persevere, get far. You can easily experience this when you indulge in tough physical exercises like pushups or running. If you are a person who is used to doing say 20 pushups. Your mind will automatically tell you to stop once you hit 18 pushups. By the 20th, you will barely be lifting your body up. If you are a 5kms runner, once you hit the 4th km mark, your mind informs your body to activate the immobilization exercise for the whole body to prepare to stop. If you don’t continue moving, you will never go beyond the 5km mark. However, if you keep just adding another half a kilometer, with time you will run a marathon. It is all about practice and changing your mindset.

To keep moving ahead, don’t allow any obstacle to stop you.

I find the second statement inaccurate.

“…If I run into walls in 2019, I won’t turn around and give up.

I will drill my way through! 2019, don’t you dare me.”

There is no reason to drill into a wall which has a door at the corner. Logic recommends finding the line of least resistance to move faster.  Don’t just drill into the wall, you could exit into a deep pit behind the wall!

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If a wall stands between you and your dream, before you think about drilling a hole through it, first undertake a thorough reconnaissance. Study the wall fully to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Understand the wall height, whether it has windows or weak spots, its width and materials used to construct it as well as security on top of it and behind it, among others. If you act before thorough investigation to understand the “wall” you risk drilling a hole in a wrong spot and wasting valuable time and effort.

Study the wall first. Don’t just drill through. Most of the time, you don’t have to drill through the wall. Accomplish more, with less. That is what makes winners. They use both brains and effort. Work hard on the right agenda.

Copyright 2018. Mustapha B Mugisa.

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