The end of #Mindset to #Mindspark

“The mindset of our young people is wrong. We must invest more in mindset change.” Why set it and then change? This message is contradictory.

It is common for many politicians and technocrats to open their talks lamenting about the wrong mindset of our youth. The word mindset is so popular that yours truly, also fell victim and consistently published insights under a hashtag, mindset, on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I was lost. Now I am found.

No one should have their ‘mind’ ‘set!’ Only robots should have mindset. Humans should have mind-spark. Continuously be ignited to think and thrive. You spark when you ask why. When you meet something challenging and intriguing. Never again allow your minds to be set in this era of the 4th industrial revolution where market forces are changing so fast, that even the good culture has to be the one that is responsive to technological changes.

For this reason, my new tagline is #mindspark.  The minds should continuously be sparked to be ignited. To think limitless and away from any boxes.

Effective today, call me Mr. Strategy, of #WinningMindspark.

When you let the minds to spark, business thrive.

What do you get when you strike a matchstick against a match box? A spark.  That is what you get when more than one minds meet. They should spark and ignite fresh ideas. Innovation.

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