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The summitadvantage: how Summit Consulting improves the client’s condition, part 1

Summit Consulting Ltd provides organizational toolkits and educative workshops to stop revenue leakages (forensics), sell more, raise employee morale and transform your organization by helping you identify and remove the corporate ‘fat’ (advisory). Corporate fat like lack of staff morale, bloated payroll, frauds and poor strategy execution lead to inefficiency and stagnating growth. And protect your intellectual property for confidentiality, integrity, and availability (security).

Simply put, we help our client as follows:

  1. Stop Revenue Leakages. We implement proactive anti-fraud and proactive forensic solutions that make use of predictive models and analytics to give you a live 360 degrees view of your business and keep you in charge. No more edited reports that show you what other people want you to ‘see.’
  2. Grow your business with an Organic Strategy and Master the art of execution. Developing a strategic plan is a commodity. No much skill around that. All companies that collapsed had a ‘strategic plan’ document. We bring to your team the art of strategy execution. We help conduct team dysfunction and cultural audit. We work with you to review and refine your company’s values so that we interpret them into daily habits for your staff to change behaviors which ultimately becomes your company culture due to consistent application. In the process, we empower your staff to work as a team with agility and energy. Do you have an upcoming strategic or team building event, have our team leader, Mustapha B Mugisa, join you as the facilitator and discover how your team members have great smiles and white teeth. Give them an opportunity to smile, get things off their chest and truly enjoy the retreat.
  3. And protect your confidential information with our 360-degree summitSECURITY toolkit. Whether you need to test the threats to your intellectual property by insiders (white box pentest) or threats posed by outsiders (black box pentest). Or you need an IT governance review and vulnerability assessment according to the regulator’s agreed-upon procedures, we deliver at an affordable cost.

As we always tell our clients, you may need a ‘name’ when it comes to an external audit. However, when it comes to consulting which focuses on value delivery, you need consultants who are not constrained by ‘templates’ and ‘tools’ pre-developed in other markets. You need advice that understands and responds to the needs of your business.

When would you like to start improving? Contact us today.

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