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Tooke Processing Plant Construction underway in Western Uganda

Construction of Tooke processing plant in Bushenyi District is set to be finalized in October this year. Construction stalled in 2009 for about two years over some court battles which saw Dott services, the construction company, awarded the Ugx. 23 billion contract.

This is another initiative being undertaken in western Uganda after the ground breaking ceremony last week at Rushere dairy factory in Bwesharire, Rushere town council in Kiruhura district which will have the ability to process over 50,000 litres of milk a day.

Farmers in the western region have yet another reason to smile as this will bring about price stability and increased earnings to the farmers, in addition to the Rushere Diary Factory. The Tooke processing plant is expected to have the capacity of processing about 40 tones of matooke per day. This plant is expected to add value to the farmers produce and improve the livelihood of the people.

Neighboring communities too are to benefit from the employment opportunities created by the plant. The processing plants are also expected to steer infrastructure development especially construction of roads, health services.

The Western region is slowly becoming an industrial park; as such developments become common occurances. This is good for the people.

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