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Tool #13 of 104 tools is to embrace change

Fred Kyaligonza (1974 – 2010) was one of the sons of an Indian migrant who settled in Munteme Village, Hoima District, present day Kikuube District. The Indian married a Munyoro woman and the couple had three Children (boys), until the Indians were expelled unceremoniously from Uganda. As the Indians packed, they wanted to go with some of the kin and kith. All the sons were of age. Their father wanted to run away with them. Their mother did not. The man being old (about 50 years), did not want to go back into the process of raising a new family. One of the boys decided to ‘annoy’ the mother. He left with the Dad.

Fred and his elder brother stayed in Munteme. They decided to focus on running the family business – a small shop and some farmland. This they did very well given the circumstances. However, with time, new shops started opening. Hoima experienced several changes – discovery of oil in the Albertine region.

Designation of Kyangwali as a Refugee Centre. Establishment of a sugarcane factory in Munteme village, bringing to three sugarcane factories in Bunyoro sub-region; Kinyara in Masindi, Hoima Sugar Factory in Munteme and Magara Sugar Factory that is due to launch in December 2018. These changes have impacted local communities significantly.

Whereas many people left the village to the towns and Kampala city in search of higher education and better opportunities, Fred stuck to the village shop, which continued to stagnate with time, as new shops opened with more offerings and better options. And in 2010, Fred died due to frustration and tough conditions. People in Munteme village must change to survive the new realities of the region.”

As Jack Welch once said, “if the rate of change outside is faster than the rate of change in the inside of your organization or business, your decline or collapse is near.” He was right.

You must embrace change. The son who accepted to move with the Dad became so exposed and successful. He accepted to change and the risks that are attendant to it. Unfortunately, he returned home too late to help Fred, the mother and his elder brother. Too much poverty had snatched their lives. As you celebrate today, be open to change.

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