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Tool #19 of 104 is to pray

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” Mathew 5:6

The dream looked real. It was one of those rare dreams that I woke up and could remember everything. Experts and psychologists say that our dreams reflect our thoughts and some of the things pre-occupying our mind the previous day. I don’t know how true that is. If indeed dreams reflect our thoughts, I would be something different by now. It would be a matter of thinking hard about something and diving into the bed immediately after.

I have noticed some consistence in dreaming. When you go to bed while in a relaxed and happy mood, the dreams tend to be peaceful and so lovely. However, when you sleep after watching horror movies or worried about work life issues like overdue payments and such worrisome obligations, the dreams tend to be scary and chaotic which tend to be difficult to remember after waking up. I had a dream a day after having received communication from my prospective customer that my much-anticipated proposal had been selected to facilitate a strategy retreat for a government Agency. I was extremely in a happy state of mind as I went to bed.

In the dream, a man donning all black clothes was pulling my legs into a deep pit. I tried to hold on to a pole that was on the edge of the deep pit with a lot of difficulty as the pole was for some reason very slippery. Clearly, I was afraid of the pit that looked darker as it went very deep down. As a small boy, I grew up with my grandfather and he made sure no one slept unless after praying. We also decorate all our beds with the rosary. And when faced with a problem in real life, I do the sign of the cross. It is the belief system and actions that have been fully built into my subconscious mind that I just do it. In the dream, I did the sign of the cross several times and as I was about to release the pole after being overpowered, a man in all white clothes came and easily whisked me away to the surface, where there was light. Once I was in the safe place, I suddenly woke up.

I told my wife and few of my friends about the dream and they all had the same interpretation: it demonstrated my victory over any of my enemies known or unknown by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. And that is why I always take matters of faith seriously. There are so many wars set against us daily many of which we do not know. Each day we go through, someone has helped us fight many of the wars. So many obstacles – visible or invisible – along the way and you need an invisible warrior who does not sleep by your side to get through easily. The weak ones which might get directly to you during the normal day are to test your resilience and character! Just like the way a baby falls sick and their immune system fight off the disease naturally so that it ‘exercises’ so you too need to face life’s challenges and fight on to gain confidence. However, some spiritual wars, you need a strong spiritual capital. The one accumulated through constant reading of the Bible, praying, making pilgrimages and supporting family, friends, neighbors and social causes.

Your spiritual capital will come to your rescue when you are unable to do so on your own. May the power of the holy spirit be your protector always.

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