Who are your stakeholders?

In your life, whom do you consider as your stakeholder? Theoretically, a stakeholder is a person who has interest and influence in things which you do. If you have a brother, sister, father, mother or a friend, as long as they have interest in your success or failure, they are your stakeholders. They only not have an interest but also can significantly influence the type of career you do, which company do you work for and not, when to marry and from which to marry, when to shift from your current place and which house to reallocate to? Etc.

If you want to get maximum buy in from stakeholders, identify and rank them in the order of their level of interest and influence. Do it in accordance to the level of how critical they are in your life. Anybody who has significant influence is a critical stakeholder. Establish ways on how to get their support. If you have grown in house with your parents, have seen you through school, the chances of them influencing your decisions is significant.


In your life, whom do you consider as your stakeholder?


As a man or woman whenever you get married, the person who you bring into your space becomes a stakeholder. You must be able to access whether they can influence or they just have an interest. Whoever has high interests and influence is more significant.

In business, you have your immediate supervisor and peers in line of management. You want as much as possible to be an influencer and game changer within your peers. The more you continuously have this awareness of your environment, I can guarantee success is knocking at your door way, sooner or later.

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