WinningMindset: Education

What kind of message do you tell them as they go to school?

Be careful with what you say to your children, it may end up becoming true.

Tell your children to look for the following from school:

a) Acquire intellectual firepower. Advise your children to read all the pages and words in the books. Where possible, read ahead of the syllabus. Read different books in the library – both fiction and non-fiction, regardless of your class. You will widen your intellectual fire power. And that is the difference you need to excel.

b) Improve on your self-esteem. Try to fail. School is the best place to try new things and discover yourself. Life is about falling down and getting up. Try all the tests and challenges. If you don’t fail, you don’t improve. Be the first person to volunteer to answer questions. Fail. Try and keep trying until you get it right.

c) Have a loving support network. Identify any two top students in class below you, two in a class above yours and your own class. And have 30 minutes; meet once in a week to discuss any topic. You will be phenomenal. Try to associate with the best people academically. If they can allow to be around you, then you have something special.

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