Your Success Weekly Memo: Keep moving — Issue 007/ vol. 01

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”, Confucius

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This week’s insight: You only fail when you decide to stop. Never allow anyone to get in your way to success, be at your home, office or career. Just keep moving ahead.

When Lucky B resigned his first job in the bank, he had a rough time on the streets. That was around early 2005. He formed a own consulting firm.  He moved from office to office and could not find any consulting project. It was horrible. He decided to get back to employment, but into a big audit firm. He did my research and discovered that most partners in those firms were Golfers.

He also had read a book “What they don’t teach at Harvard Business School” and it suggested that business is given based on the sofa factor risk. People do business with people whom they know. So, if you want to get business, network with people. Lucky wanted to get a job in a big audit firm. And the partners were regulars there.

The following day, he went to the Uganda Golf Club and enquired about becoming a member. The membership fee was too much for him then as unemployed, that it almost made him dizzy! But he did not give up.

But there was a solution. After eating at that restaurant for several days, he noticed that after playing, Golfers sat at the restaurant and chatted about business.  All he needed to know, was the Golf terms, like teeing and the like. You get the idea. He sat on the same table with one of the partners of the Big 4 firms. And they discussed about business and exchanged contacts.

After a couple of days, he paid him a visit and got an opportunity to express interest in working with the firm.  As they say, the rest is history. Lucky got a job and joined the audit firm of his choice.


    • When faced with a problem, there are always solutions to it. Your task is to think aloud and find the best solution to the problem.
    • Any successful venture involves risk and challenges. You must keep pushing and get past them
    • No matter how thought the situation is, someone else has ever experienced it and won. Always have trusted friends (one or two) for support and honest advice.
    • Move slowly, but steady. I’ve realised that people who by-pass you speeding on the high way usually drive worried and vulnerable, yet you arrive almost at the same time!
    • Never give up. Just focus about the future because that is where you will spend most of your life.

Mustapha B Mugisa, 2014. All rights reserved. 

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