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What is your direction?

What is your direction?

Clear focus = success

You are the driver of your life? Which direction will you take? Do you need a mentor to guide you?…

Get mentored by Mustapha

Get mentored by Mustapha

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Are you too good to be great? Have a time with Mustapha and chat a way forward.

Succeed with Mustapha

Succeed with Mustapha

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Mustapha on digital forensics

Mustapha on digital forensics

Leave no stone unturned...

Mustapha speaking on digital forensics at a CLE event organised by the Uganda Law Society. Today, over 95% of all…

One-on-one: get executive coaching

One-on-one: get executive coaching

New thinking. Fresh perspectives

Do you want to be challenged? Come and get one on one with Mustapha and change your perspectives on so…

Project ethics and integrity

Project ethics and integrity

Career by choice, not by chance!

You need career guidance. Understand what you want to achieve, and focus your life! Mustapha has helped so many people…

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Nov 2014

On 28th October 2014, I was asked to speak to a group of 210 staff about ethics and integrity. So, how do you effectively teach over 210 staff about ethics and integrity? My approach was to use a case study -- how would they handle an ethical dilemma situation.

Nov 2014

You may need the HR department, yes, but not for hiring. The biggest mistake most companies make is delegating the hiring decision to HR. Most of the folks in HR think very high of themselves as most informed and intelligent. They are wrong.

In most businesses, HR manager does not just support the hiring process, they make the hiring decision. That approach is very bad for business success.

Nov 2014

It is a two letter word, but it is the most important, if you are to reclaim your life and spend your time with those who matter.

As a leader or someone interested in getting ahead, you don’t have to attend to each and everything that comes on your table.

Nov 2014

Are you ambitious but not greedy?

Do you look at the future NOT instant gratification?

Are you a tech geek (web technologies), but also long term focused? Or are you open to be mentored how to make money (but you know php, coding, open source platforms and modifications of code or very passionate about the subject – Internet, www and websites generally including e-commerce)?

Are you a fresh IT graduate ready to start the journey as an entrepreneur or you have something you have started in the area of applications design and ecommerce and want to take it to the next level?

Nov 2014

On 8th October 2014, while at Café Javas located at City Tyres Kamwokya, waiting for my order to be served, I witnessed exceptional customer service in action. This lady entered Café Javas with three kids aged about 4-7.  Just after taking the order, the lady waiter brought a shading board, colours and ‘assemble the pieces puzzle’ for the kids. Within minutes, the kids got focused on shedding and assembling the puzzle, and giving some time for the lady to relax. This kind of service shows that great customer service is deliberate. You must plan to make the customer’s experience better all the time. It is not just about smiling. It is about making the life of the customer wonderful anytime they get in contact with your company at any point. 

Oct 2014

I asked this question to some of my friends and it attracted different answers. There is no consensus about what Uganda’s key problem is. Some say the problem is poor leadership. Others think lack of value addition and poor infrastructure.  Many others say it is the lack of nationalism. For you, what exactly do you think is Uganda’s major problem?

Clear problem definition is a critical step in turning around our economy. Imagine going to your doctor and being diagnosed with a wrong disease! You risk getting ineffective treatment. Indeed stories of patients being subjected to unnecessary procedures have been told only to realize that the prognosis was inaccurate. Usually it is more expensive to correct the mistake.

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Think big

m1"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life." Abraham Maslow.


m5"Big dreams are possible only when you strive. The moment of success comes from small successes on big dreams, and the power of sticking with them. And mind it, never ever giving up." Mustapha Mugisa

It's possible

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." -- Henry Ford

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