Sam. F. Owori: A jolly good fellow

Sam. F. Owori: A jolly good fellow

Sam Frobisher Owori, a man of great humility and integrity, died on July 13th, aged 76. He achieved more moral capital, most people just dream of.

No one quite believed the late evening news that Sam was gone! Where, we all asked. It just wasn’t adding up: death as a result of surgery on the left leg in a US hospital! I too, refuted. It cannot be true. He had just said good bye. He had done so several times that it became normal. He always returned as promised. That was Samuel Frobisher Owori – very calm, yet firm and decisive.

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The ugly hand of death roars again: Joan Kagezi gone suddenly

Death, they say, will occur to all of us. The timing and the way it occurs is what worries all of us. Always untimely, unpredictable.

At about 8:00pm on 30th March 2015, two rascals, riding on a Bodaboda took matters in their own hands to cut short Joan Kagezi’s illustrious life, an advocate and prosecutor.

She stood for justice, and handled cases that shook the country.

At the time of death, she was the lead prosecutor in the July 2010 terror suspects’ trial; which was scheduled to continue today 31st March 2015 at the High Court in Kampala.

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Obituary for Mrs Jennifer Nantale Ichumar (23rd October 1974 – 4th February 2014)

She was brilliant and forthright lady. It is sad that she has passed on too soon. She is deeply missed by the team at Summit Consulting that conducted the MTN project management training.

Oh no, she has gone too soon!

Jennifer was one of the participants at the recently concluded project management training for MTN managers facilitated by Summit Consulting Ltd from 13th to 25th January 2014. She will be deeply missed by us all.

We join MTN team in celebrating her life.

Great teachers understand their students. And that is how we have been touched by her sudden death.

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Paul Walker: Gone Too Soon!

It has snatched him too soon.

The always unforgiving death has done it again.  At just 40 years, and with a vibrant career, Paul Walker of Fast & Furious franchise, one of the best action packed movies of all time has died. If you love action packed, with fast cars, F&F movies are for you.  When I got the first Fast & Furious, I moved to all known shops just looking for F&F2 until I got it.

Paul Walker, 40, died on Nov 30th 2013, in a car crash on a passenger seat. His Official Twiter page reported.

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Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013): Your legacy lives on

He served jail for 27 years.

Upon his release, he became president. He served only one (1) term. If he so wished, he would have died as President of the richest country in Africa, South Africa.

He chose otherwise. He stepped aside from the Presidency at the time everyone wanted him to be the President.

Despite the suffering he had gone through in jail, he never used the state machinery at his disposal to revenge anyone.

Instead, he asked for forgiveness.

Very few men can do that. And Nelson Mandela’s personal credo is special. Proud that our lifetime has had a man like that.

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