Delivery: how to deliver a speech that rocks. Become a speaker others want to call back again and again !




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mmuguisa_tickPersonal strategy formulation & career growth (mandatory)
mmuguisa_tickThe twenty mistakes most manager speakers make and how they kill their speeches
mmuguisa_tickPresentations structure and content. How great speakers and presenters structure their content/ speeches to keep audience alert
mmuguisa_tickContent skills – what makes a great content?
mmuguisa_tickDelivery: how to deliver a speech that rocks. Become a speaker others want to call back again and again
mmuguisa_tickHow to sell your messages or project to your audience – speak with a reason; and get them to take action.
mmuguisa_tickTell stories that wow them and keep them thirsting for more. The secret of storytelling revealed
mmuguisa_tickAnalogies that rock: how to use simple examples and drive your message home in a speech
mmuguisa_tickSelling to your audience – how back of the room sales work
mmuguisa_tickHow to use the internet to grow your career
mmuguisa_tickOn – line engagements and telling a story of your life

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“Mustapha you are indeed gifted presenter. You kept everyone awake at 2:30pm after lunch. That never happens with 5o+ olds Board members. You did it.”
Andrew Cohen Wasswa, former JMS Operations Manager.

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“If you want to get ahead in your career, get the best to help you. Having Mustapha as your speech coach will indeed make you an instant hit when it comes to public speaking and career growth”,
Anil Patel, Great Thornton Uganda Managing Partner.

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