Your business is like a baby

Your business is like a baby

Running a business is like a baby. It has got stages.

At first the baby cannot crawl. They need a lot of care. Then, the baby starts by crawling. Then they walk, and finally they can look after themselves. The process takes over 10 years for the baby to be fully on their own.

Why do you expect your SME to jump key stages?

In the early stages of your business, it needs close supervision and monitoring. Look after it carefully. Give the business milk – invest in the business your personal time, ideas and energy. Get dirty and do the work. You […] Read more

Coping in a tough economy

Coping in a tough economy

Mustapha met one-on-one with Charles Bwogi of NTV Uganda on the economy. Charles is in bold, below:

The Uganda Economy is said to be experiencing a downtime, how would you advise people to cope?

Our Economists are yet to advise us of how the economy is fairing. But going by the facts on ground, it is tough: we’ve just had four public holidays. After a highly monetized election, that saw social media and mobile money censor. Economists estimate that action could have cost a lot of money to the economy! Now Brexit has happened upon us.

Being a former colony of Britain, there […] Read more

Cyber security facts and fiction, issue 1

Cyber security facts and fiction, issue 1

Issue: A lawyer in Uganda is said to be threatening Facebook for meta-data and user registration details of one TVO; who has made several allegations on his Facebook page.

Fact: Want to know who posts what on Facebook? It’s not that easy. And Facebook won’t give you the details, as doing so could be in contradiction with their privacy policy, at compliance level and kill their business at a strategy level. People post too much private details on their pages with a ‘psychological contract’ that the cloud host (Facebook) will respect their privacy. Globally even when national security is at risk, […] Read more

Cyber crime Investigation in Uganda: My UMI conference paper brief extract

Cyber crime investigation in Uganda fails due to poor first response procedures which often lead to spoliation of evidence making authentication of electronic evidence a tough call to any forensic examiner.
Briefly, prosecution must prove the following three key ingredients in the offense of electronic crime causing financial loss beyond reasonable doubt:

There was dishonesty by the accused person
That the dishonesty was deliberate with intent to secure unlawful gain
That use of a digital device was involved in (i) and or (ii) above.

Without clear standard operating procedures, public awareness for effective first responder to preserve the crime scene for computer […] Read more

Of Amama’s presidential bid and campaign slogans

Of Amama’s presidential bid and campaign slogans

As 2016 elections draw nearer, many politicians are announcing their candidature. To win, you need a power message of change. Though money plays a big part in our elections, a strong manifesto and clarity of message is all it takes. Having a powerful slogan and tagline gives clarity of one’s ideals and leadership focus.

Your political slogan can make or break an election. It takes a great strategy and campaign team to develop short and succinct campaign messages that stick.

Amama Mbabazi’s “Go Forward” campaign slogan for 2016 presidential bid is “flat”, to the reader and may not earn a standing ovation […] Read more

Great executive quotes

‘‘We cannot get manufacturers investing here because there is rubbish being sold at giveaway prices. Counterfeit imports should be destroyed at the point of entry to protect both Ugandans and Kenyans.’’
Chris Kirubi; Kenyan Business Magnate
‘‘Tax contribution to the national budget has gone up from 32 per cent to 65 per cent. Though we are not where we want to be, it’s vital that we celebrate what we have achieved so far.’’
Allen Kagina; URA Commissioner General

‘We need to address the issue of glorifying foreign products when there are equally suitable local products available. Our mind must be decolonized at the same […] Read more