Hold on, pain ends.

Hold on, pain ends.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

HOPE. Is a very powerful ingredient for quality life. When I had just arrived in Kampala, I was so mesmerized seeing so many tall buildings. So many cars. I will never forget that first experience. I vividly remember the trip. My elder brother was seeking nomination for the position of Youth MP, Western region a race that included powerful contestants like Maj Rabwoni Okwir. I boarded the bus to Kampala, and as a delegate spent a night at Kyambogo University, the venue for the nominations. My brother was nominated but lost the election to the experienced, connected and politically versatile Major Rabwoni Okwir. The elections were held in Mbarara, a venue that was far away from Hoima. This made mobilization of delegates an expensive venture. My brother lost that election and it changed his perspective on politics. He decided to leave politics to the majors and generals. Every time he sees me he says, “the MPs are so many that few Ugandans, if any, know all of them.”

Behind every loss, there is a silver lining. He lost the election. But he exposed me to the city. When I went back to write my Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), I was so motivated. I wanted to do well to come and make Kampala my second home. Hope became my other name. Whenever I was tired reading backhouse mathematics, my brains would go into the Kampala city mode. I would see the tall buildings. So many cars. Tarmacked roads. Electricity. The Kyambogo University flats where I stayed during the nominations. Such thoughts gave me lots of motivation dozes to work harder.

It does not matter the challenges you are currently going through. Hold. On. Pain. Ends. HOPE. Failure to hope is one of the reasons many patients fail to make it from the ICU. It is the reason so many people currently lie in the cemetery with so many unfulfilled dreams. Failure to hope for the better has left so many marriages collapsed. In fact, our parents brought us up through teaching us the power of hope. When you read hard, you will succeed. You will be able to travel to any city of your choice or drive your dream car. When you learn how to do house chores, you will become a friend to whoever lives with you. And of course, my mom’s favorite: “don’t mind not having the radio. After your university graduation, you will have a color television and all entertainment you need.” You see, I loved listening to the radio that not having one at home always puzzled me.

As we go through this lent period, find time to reflect about the challenges in our lives and in the lives of our family, friends and neighbors. Let’s reach out to them. Where we can, let us give them hope to the extent we can. It is so easy to make a difference in someone’s life: give them hope for a better day tomorrow. You cannot imagine the difference in someone’s life that Ugx. 10,000 can make! You should be on the lookout to offer hope to others. I wish you a successful Lent period. Do not forget to join all of us in the way of the cross. We get to learn a lot especially, about the hope, our Lord Jesus left us. Hold. On. Pain. Ends. And you get free for life.  Visit my blog at www.mustaphamugisa.com or email strategy@summitcl.com. Succeed


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