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The season of sharing and self-reflection

It is that time of the year of giving. People who share do not necessarily have excess. They just have a heart of sharing. You may give money or items still in a good working condition which you no longer use. When it comes to giving out items of value like plates, clothes, shoes, gadgets, the rule is simple: if you have not used the time for more than three months, may be you no longer need it personally. Before it becomes obsolete or rusty, give it out. Bring it to the Church so that it may be given out to those in need.

It does not matter how much you have, what matters is your heart of sharing. It is sweet and good that way. I hope you find something in your heart to share.  You need to reflect on your life so that you face 2018 with confidence.

If you are a public servant, you need to reflect about how many people leave your office smiling. Do you perform your work with integrity and passion? This holiday season I have met several friends very disappointed with the way some public servants perform their work. ‘Small people’ with a lot of power are some of the most complained about. Take the case customs officers, who have the power to check and hold any imported products and the standards officials who have to verify products whether they conform to the minimum national standards.


It does not matter how much you have, what matters is your heart of sharing. It is sweet and good that way.


Now if you are considering a small business of importing products like computers, phones, clothes, or shoes or such items, make sure you get a certificate of pre- export verification of conformity (PVoC). Because when they arrive at Entebbe without such PVoC certificate, you may be subjected to a ping-pong game of cat and mouth disease which may last over 30 days. And of course the holiday season will be long gone by then and your business may remain facing loans you will never pay. The process flow is just inefficient. You are quoted in Entebbe and made to submit the bank draft physically in Bweyogerere, and then go back with a note in Entebbe.

As a leader of any public office, take time to reflect how your office could be restructured to improve process flow and serve fellow citizens better. Together, we must make Uganda very competitive and friendly for business large and small ones alike.

As an individual, review your life and see what went well. Which lessons did you learn? How can you improve your life in 2018? Remember, stop making one year plans. They are short terms. Focus on making a 10 – year strategy, and breaking it down into annual plans so that you keep moving closer to your 10 year targets. You have seen how short term planning may be catastrophic especially in the banking sector. One bank was busy stabling upcountry branches and ATMs. However, in 2017, it was closing most of the branches in favour of the digital agenda. If they had developed a long term strategy, such wastage of resources would not have happened.

The same will happen to your family or your career if you keep making short term plans only. Take your time. Think ahead. Look at how you would like your life or family to be in the next ten years, by 2027. And then consider what you must start working on in 2018 to make your 2017 vision a success.

If you can do that, you will find success coming to you in ways you never imagined.

Wish you a prosperous 2018 and beyond.

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