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The future is bright if you think positively

Nehemiah 8:10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

“It is easy to point out errors and mistakes. To discourage ideas or undermine one’s effort and to critique one’s work as bad. The fact is anyone can say so. There are few people who can make things work or do outstanding work.”

When Eliud broke the 2 hours marathon mark, and run a marathon in 1:59 minutes. Some people were up in arms how the whole thing had been pre-planned and how the feat was a mean one.

If you have ever run even 2 kilometers you know how it is difficult and next to impossible to run a kilometer at a pace of 3 minutes each. And that is not enough. Maintaining the pace at that speed is tough. Professional runner or not, running a marathon in less than 2 hours is a huge achievement for mankind.

You see, anyone can criticize. But few people can get out and do it. To know that action supersedes talk is the professional pace setters, high achievers in their own right we are so proud of the feat that had helped attain.

Lesson for you
Focus on improving. Encourage others to do better. Always first put yourself in other’s shoes to understand their worries and why they ask you to do what they ask you or why they do what they do. Change your mindset and focus on improving for if there is not growth and improvement, we cannot achieve

Have a lovely week.

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