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The Women in my life; thanks for the love

Today we celebrate the International Womens day. What a special day it is.

It is tough to imagine life without Women. The special ones are of course my first and only wife, Audrey Amumpaire; she keeps tolerating my shortcomings and has helped me grow into a man. “Almost is not enough. You must win or you must win”, this advice from my wife has helped me in many ways most of all to choose my battles wisely.  If I know I don’t have what it takes to win the war, there is no reason of getting into it in the first place.

If the best you can achieve is second place, why go there? Always give in your all, and select battles – business, jobs, opportunities, courses – in which you have all it takes to emerge the best. As Audrey says, life is too short to live it on “Almost.”

Don’t have any room of “I almost did it… I almost passed in first class; I almost won the presidency; I almost got the job…” When will you ever get it?

As a father to Melyn, Lisa and Leah my wife has made me mature. And of course we also have Zac, whose company is always lovely.

My mother is another wonderful Woman I know of. She taught me the lesson of hard work with integrity “you may cheat and get away with it, but you cannot run away from your [own] conscience.” She kept advising me as a young boy.

My Sisters – Grace Birungi, Immaculate Atugonza (RIP), Harriet Kaganzi, Lilliane Kemigisha, Grace Murungi, Madina and Masitura – you have been very great sisters to me. Always providing the foundation to grow. Your insights, love and support is always appreciated.

And to all Women in my family I may not have mentioned, I love you all and appreciate your love. My mother-in-law gave me a wife and that is a great gift to a man. No every woman can be a wife.

Every person you meet teaches you something new. The above Women have been so great.

Indeed, life without Women would be so dull. Thank God for the gift of Women.

May God bless the Women. And the Men in their lives too!

Copyright Mustapha B. Mugisa. All rights reserved 2014

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