Of what use is your strategic plan if it cannot be properly executed?

Invite Mustapha to day to speak to your senior management team or facilitate your strategy.

You have the following options to consider for his involvement:

Option 1: Strategy Retreat Keynote to senior management

Option 2: WinningTheGame® approach to strategy – have a one page strategy and clear SAP – strategy action plan for easy execution

Option 3: Strategy facilitation and support in the formulation of the new strategy


“When I consulted with Mr. Mugisa for new strategies to grow my business, he met and exceeded my expectations. He helped my re-positioning with strategies that have been deepened and broadened my expertise and more importantly the identification of novel client niches. I highly recommend his work.”
 Gideon F. Mukwai, Founder, Business Storytelling Academy, Singapore

“Mustapha Mugisa is our Strategy Expert and he worked with staff to develop a strategy that was subsequently presented to the Board of Directors and Approved, He interacted as a peer and flawlessly with our most senior management & conducted staff trainings in major areas of governance.Am glad to endorse Mr. Mustapha Mugisa ’s skills,work and ethics without reserved and would be happy to dicuss details or answer any questions about his work .”,
Michael Tugyetwena, Operations Director SNV

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Making an impact

Making an impact

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