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Your Boss is not Always Right

Great leaders are of course, not the smartest of all. I am not comfortable working with folks who cannot think on their own. You need people who are smarter than you as they keep you on your ‘toes’ with brilliant ideas for implementation. Plus when someone originates an idea, they make it their business to ensure it succeeds.

And that happens to be the secret to some of the most successful businesses.

If you have to originate most of the break-through ideas and innovations, then you probably have a wrong team or the environment you have established is not idea for frank communications.

Your boss is not always right.

Challenge his or her thinking and provide alternatives that are better. That is how you become a critical part of the team.

Help people improve their ideas and thinking. Ensure in doing so, you don’t threaten your boss such that they become insecure for their jobs. To do this, never try to outshine your boss.

Just give him all your breakthrough ideas for him to ‘own.’ As the ideas become critical and top management need to implement them, you will be called upon. And that will be your moment to shine. Plus your boss won’t let you go at all cost.

Because, you are the one behind their success. If you go, the Pandora’s box will be opened. So, your boss is not always right. Just help him to be right and you will surely get ahead in your career.

Happy day.

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