Are you a positive and passionate colleague?

When it comes to working, passion is what separates an average staff from an exceptional one. It does not matter how well-skilled or educated one may be. If they lack passion for their work, it will all never make sense.

Passion is what drives a person to put the extra mile in their work. It comes from a sense of belonging. Love for their job and self-drive to excel. Passion is what drives you to get up early from your bedroom and come to work even if not paid.

And come to think of it, someone who can do a job even without being paid for it must be driven by passion.
Great leaders focus on recruitment. To make sure they attain quality at the door. You want people who bring positive energy. Are hopeful and always do their best to improve on your team. Anyone who discourages others. Always brings negative energy to discourage others from doing their best, is one of the worst enemies on any team.
Imagine being out in the forest and losing your compass back to safety. After 12 hours of no contact, your colleagues explain how you will never make it back home and the best thing is to sit and wait to die! Such negative energy is the worst thing you need.

But imagine someone who keeps saying that help is on the way. Let’s keep moving. We shall soon be seen as long as we do not sit! You increase your chances of getting found.

As a leader, you need to stay on the ground for people who are positive and passionate. Those are the few people you need on the journey.

Running a business is hard enough. The last thing you need is a member who is so selfish to keep discouraging the team, but not brave enough to move-on.

As Mr. Strategy, when I sit down with leaders, one of their biggest challenges are the people on the team who are selfish. Egoist and always negative.

You can add instant value to any team by deciding to be the person who gives positive energy. You demonstrate passion. By reporting early to work. Doing your best. Asking for help. Meeting your supervisor often and asking them one question: “how would you want me to help you today?”

May you have a passion for your job.

Copyright Mustapha B, Mugisa, 2019. All rights reserved.

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