How to become an influencer quickly

How do you quickly become a strong team player in any environment? Assuming you are a new employee, how do you quickly become a known intellectual? The first thing is get everybody in the room. Ask them to write down what they think are the most pressing issues in the business now. Champion the cause and be the facilitator of the process so that members come up with the solutions. If you do so, you are effectively identifying the organizational pains and helping to fix them.

Most of the time, challenges fall within low sales, high costs, poor reporting mechanism etc. Be able to prioritize them as you guide the team.This is the kind of good leadership where you get people to be on the same page, identify and address the most pressing issues. This can work well for your business as an entrepreneur but also for an executive.


How do you quickly become a strong team player in any environment?


You can do the same thing at home. If you have your wife and children, give them space to speak what they think are the critical issues in the family. Try to identify the challenges together as a family. Is it because you are paying too much rent and would like to consider shifting to a cheaper house? Could it because you are taking your children to high fees paying school that you are struggling to maintain in which you are living outsides your means? The more you continuously keep identifying the challenges as a team, you are able to come up with practical solutions to them. This makes you a great leader as head of the family as you all come upwith new initiatives for the greater good in the future.

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