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Perfection kills innovation and success, stop it!

Next time someone says “your diction or written English is bad” remind them that Chinese, Spaniards, etc are succeeding with their “bad” English.
Be natural. Learn to express yourself freely.

Focus on new ideas NOT the medium! You can cheaply hire a translator or use Google. What matters is an idea. The world is full of many dysfunctions and imperfections. That is why attention to details is an oxymoron.

Few people will attend to your details. The secret is to keep improving, NOT to aim at perfection. All great companies I know of have been improving over the years. if they had waited to launch, until they are perfect, I don’t think they would be great companies we see to today.
Apple keeps improving – they have been improving on their operating systems, new smart phones and gadgets. Every year a new model comes with better features and fixes of some glitches. That is the secret to greatness. How could a great company like Apple fail to anticipate everything?
The same is true at Google. They keep improving year on year. Enter Microsoft, and the story is the same. They keep bringing new versions of the operating system and apps.

Heck, who are you to aim at perfection? Just do it. You have an opportunity for another version etc! That is why they say, you will learn more from your own mistakes than from aiming at perfection.

After all, no one has ever learnt driving a car without seating in the steering wheel.
Want to grow, stop being perfect!

Succeed with Mustapha B Mugisa, 2015. All rights reserved.

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