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The four lessons I’ve learned working with Finns

These are the four lessons I have learned from working with Finns. They happen to be great folks. I am increasingly meeting many of them these days, as my work cross paths.

1. Know your value; and be bold to say it

2. Deliver compelling value; and prospects will seek you out

3. Give them to test, so they know what they are missing

4. Set your bar high, those who get to you should be among the best


1. What is your value? I am always dumb founded when at an interview panel, you ask a candidate “How much salary do you expect?” and they reply “I will earn as per company policy.” That is bullshit, and is a turn off for me. You cannot add value unless you know your own value and worth.

Take a few minutes today to estimate your value, monthly and your present value. So that you work to optimise it.

2. How do you plan your executions or project management. Error on offering high value from the start. Any one used to great value cannot easily settle for less. Most people happen to work to get the best and cannot accept lower standards.

3. Give them to test first. The African saying of “never test the depth of a river with both feet” is alive. If you can, offer free value and wait for the order. That is called confidence in your solutions and skills. And Finns have penetrated Africa with the model. They will invest and set up, only to disengage when you need them most. At which point you must pay. That strategy of letting you see what great looks like is great. You see, that is a great idea to handle doubting Thomases.

4. Set your bar high. If you want to fly with the Eagles, why swim with the ducks? The Eagles will find you up there in the sky’s. Position yourself among the decision makers not the gate keepers.

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