How big is the luck factor in startup success?

How big is the luck factor in startup success?

Luck is useless if it lands on the unprepared.

As they say, if you want to win a lottery ticket, first go and buy the ticket! However, lucky you might be, without having bought the lottery ticket. There is no way you are going to win.

Many successful people agree with the saying that “good luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.” If you want to get lucky, first prepare. If you want to get that dream job, express interest for it by submitting your application or going to meet the recruiter. The opportunity might be there, but if you do not prepare […] Read more

You cannot hide an elephant

You cannot hide an elephant

One of the popular sayings in Bunyoro goes “You cannot hide an elephant.”

The elephant is a very big animal. It is very difficult to hide it. If something is outstanding or extraordinary, it is very difficult to hide it.

Always do your best in any setting so that you can get noticed. If you are very good, people will always notice you.

One of Uganda’s former presidents, Idi Amin Dada, put it plainly “You cannot win a Whiteman by points in a boxing game. Beat him with a knockout.” Amin, once a boxer, had learnt that the only way to win a […] Read more

Why Indians succeed easily in Africa, part 3

Why Indians succeed easily in Africa, part 3

Know the difference between an asset and a liability. Even for some of us accountants, the clarity between assets and a liability is not so clear. For example, is a car an asset?

Take the following test:

Does your car have potential to increase future cash flows?
Does the benefits your car offers exceed the costs of ownership in the long term?
Does your car have a resale future value higher than the purchase and maintenance costs combined? Does your asset have readily available buyer anytime you would want to dispose of it?

You get the idea.

An asset should bring you income that exceed the […] Read more

Want to succeed? Change your view!

Want to succeed? Change your view!

If you want to succeed, you need to change your view. With technology, battles don’t have to be harder. And the earlier you accept that, the better for you.

That saying is attributed to Ford Motors Corporation staff in the US in the early days of manufacturing where, after spending a lot of time, carrying steel, and then assembling and painting. They all sat down, and were happy.

Looking at what their sweet had created, they were very happy. One of them, as a way of motivating the team for the next car and preparing their mind to it said: “the harder […] Read more

Perfection kills innovation and success, stop it!

Next time someone says “your diction or written English is bad” remind them that Chinese, Spaniards, etc are succeeding with their “bad” English.
Be natural. Learn to express yourself freely.

Focus on new ideas NOT the medium! You can cheaply hire a translator or use Google. What matters is an idea. The world is full of many dysfunctions and imperfections. That is why attention to details is an oxymoron.

Few people will attend to your details. The secret is to keep improving, NOT to aim at perfection. All great companies I know of have been improving over the years. if they had waited […] Read more